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Sharebox bring key sharing to businesses

Posted by Kjetil Faye Lund on 19.jul.2018 16:12:27

Sharebox allows companies to build their own sharing network. After the success of building an open key sharing network at Scandinavian 7-Eleven stores, Sharebox now offers technology, equipment and operating agreements tailored to the needs of businesses.

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Smart key sharing for Airbnb guests

Posted by Kjetil Faye Lund on 26.jun.2018 22:19:18

Airbnb has done what it can to make checking in plain and simple.

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Read Airbnb listings carefully

Posted by Kjetil Faye Lund on 08.jun.2018 15:53:56

Don’t automatically assume that an Airbnb offering will have all the perks of a hotel, because, well, it’s someone’s house.

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Be wary of Airbnb price fluctuations

Posted by Kjetil Faye Lund on 08.jun.2018 15:47:17

There’s something that many Airbnb hosts have in common with hotels: They may raise prices during peak travel seasons.

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Be a good Airbnb guest

Posted by Kjetil Faye Lund on 08.jun.2018 15:40:09

Fortunately, being a superb guest is relatively easy. Be aware that if you can’t book on Airbnb in the first place because hosts don’t like you, you are stuck.

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How do Airbnb apartment rentals work?

Posted by Kjetil Faye Lund on 08.jun.2018 12:02:12

Apartment rental sites allow people to rent out an individual room, couch, or entire apartment. The host lists their place online, posts photos, writes a description, and, presto, they make extra money with the unused space.

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Are Airbnb apartment rentals safe?

Posted by Kjetil Faye Lund on 08.jun.2018 11:55:36

These sites run on trust. All these platforms try to verify both buyer and seller to ensure no one ends up robbing anyone else, but you sometimes hear reports of creepy hosts and other bad things.

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How to pick the right Airbnb host

Posted by Kjetil Faye Lund on 08.jun.2018 11:52:37

Here is what to keep keep in mind when looking for a host:

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Why I use Airbnb while traveling

Posted by Kjetil Faye Lund on 01.jun.2018 08:42:09

As a frequent traveller I often look for an authentic, immersive experience. I do feel comfy and has no problem with a cozy one-bedroom listed on Airbnb. If you're low or high on cash, Airbnb is picking up the slack with accommodations ranging from a pull-out couch for a few dollars to a Top Gun luxury apartment.

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Airbnb host with confidence

Posted by Kjetil Faye Lund on 31.mai.2018 09:46:34

The Airbnb community is based on trust and good faith between hosts and guests. When you welcome the world as an Airbnb host, you count on your guests to treat your space like they’d treat their own home.

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