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Automating vacation rental check-in

Posted by Kjetil Faye Lund on 25.feb.2019 14:11:22

What is the most important moment during a stay? It’s when guests get to discover their new place! An automated check-in is quick and easy and part of the journey.

For many vacation rental owners who run their properties remotely, the smaller details of renting – such as key handover, check-ins and check-outs – can cause headaches and stress.

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Instead of letting this worry you, ensure you have a system in place to fine tune your check-in/check-out process and make things easier for you and your guests.

Here are a few things to think about:

Though this is not yet as common an option as the lock boxes or electric and smart locks, key drops are slowly but surely gaining a bit more attention with vacation rental owners – so much so that services like Sharebox are being created to meet this demand!

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The Sharebox network partner up vacation rental owners with local spots like kiosks and shops, providing a safe place close to home for key storage between guests, also giving guests the chance to explore the property’s neighborhood.

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