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DIY Vacation Rental Key Exchange

Posted by Kjetil Faye Lund on 15.feb.2019 19:20:48

Skip hick-ups, waiting, tel calls and personalize your check-in with automated key exchange that you make yourself. An easy to use app and easy-to-follow DIY service for your home vacation rental, car sharing and more.

How does Sharebox work?
About Sharebox and how it works, create an account and get started

How do I open a Sharebox?
You open the locker with a button in the app or by sending a text message

Do I have to be near the Sharebox to open the locker?
You can open the Sharebox remotely from wherever you want. 

Can I share my locker with people from anywhere in the world?
Sharebox works with foreign numbers too. 

What to do if the recipient can't install the app?
Both you yourself and our customer service can open the box remotely.

Where do I find a Sharebox location?
The app include a list of locations near you

Who pays for the key exchange?
You make the reservation and pay for the service.

How do I get my own locker in Sharebox?
Everything you need to start and do payment.

How do I share keys with my guests?
Every details on how to do things and automate your Sharebox

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