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New tech solve car rental problems

Posted by Kjetil Faye Lund on 22.mai.2019 15:03:50

In the new era, car rental operation is being eaten by new technology. A lot of car rental clients will have a locker on their location so they can offer a “self-service rental solution”.

Not to mention, could also be great to offer rentals outside of regular office hours. Yes, we do think this could be of interest to many car rental clients. Please reach out if you need to have a full cost overview to discuss a standalone Sharebox or the fully integrated option with your colleagues and learn more how to integrate our software with your API, automate the steps in your booking process (e.g. sending the locker code to client, registering return etc).

Read on: SIXT fast track launched in Norway

Recently the Norwegian branch of SIXT launched a fast track service on their airport locations. The challenges for car rental and customer alignment is more important than ever. In the SIXT setup Sharebox are integrated with the Agile platform. The Sharebox customer controlled lockers remove any complexity, overcoming significant technical barriers and is a considerable favorable setup to complete transformation of manual check-ins with a self service customer model.

Sharebox operates as standalone solution or fully integrated as in the SIXT setup. The Agile rental system keep track of the rental contract, report damages, check vehicle status, check-in information, cleaning process and has been fully integrated with the automated lockers from Sharebox. This enables the customer to pick up keys on the go without visiting a rental counter. Completing the rental forms and payment for the rental are done through the customers mobile phone from a link sent by SMS to the customer from the rental system.

Digital and mobile technologies are reshaping the car rental marketplace. This isn’t only a technological revolution, it’s also a paradigm shift in how car rental users consume transportation, make informed buying decisions, and engage with their rental operator.

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First movers establish a lead

As with many types of fundamental corporate change, early movers can establish a lead over the competition that will make it hard for others to catch up. Our work with many B2B market leaders, has made it clear that B2B companies need to transform the way they engage customers, use data and technology to better structure their customer service 24/7.

Sixt Fast Track cabinet and man-1

The Sharebox - SIXT solution explained.

Fleet management

All fleet check-in can be managed in an app running on all platforms which can be managed on any mobile phone or tablet. Date, mileage, fuel etc is registered into the rental system and the damage history (existing damages included images) are available from the app. New damages can be registered and reports of new damages become available in the rental system immediately for follow up.

Database and technology

A powerful SQL database fully hosted in the cloud with state of the art security and unlimited processing resources that grow with your business. A set of apps for all kind of devices and all kind of form factors

Installation and training

Dynamic setup of locations, rates and other infrastructure. The front and back end systems provides a wide variety of settings allowing you to customize the system to fit your rental operation. The rental locations are set up individually, allowing full flexibility in market adaptions.

Employee performance

Incremental sales are an integrated part of a rental operation. Reporting on performance and KPI's to improve efficiency and performance at all levels.


Make reservations directly into the system through user-friendly and customisable web pages. Provide your corporate look by easily designing the interfaces in the Agile web engine before deploying them in the cloud.

Business intelligence

A cloud based database with unlimited processing resources as the backbone - user friendly and logical interfaces, designed with the rental process in focus as front end. State of the art logistics and hands on reports. Application for check in and damage control.


One stop shop - handles fleet, customers, rates, rental contracts and invoicing. Transfer all transactions to your accounting software and the posting is completed.

Customer interaction

The combined Sharebox - Agile setup gives your rental staff all the tools needed to serve your customer in a professional and expedite manner. Information about the customers rental history and preferences is the basis for the conversation.

Logistics and utilization

Utilization is directly affecting your financial results. Effective tools to manage utilization is crucial to your business efficiency and performance.

Rates, products and yielding

Efficient competitiveness rely on flexible rates. Build, copy and edit rates with individual attributes for insurances and products. Integrate with franchisers rate codes for import/export.

Request a demo/contact sales.

For more than 15 years, Agile Solutions has designed and delivered software solutions for medium and large rental operations. Agile is the supplier of business systems and infrastructure for major partners such as Sixt, Europcar, National.

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